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Downloads for Master-9

You can download the following:
Master-9 USB driver

Master-9 CONTROL software

Master-9 SDK software (for programming Master-9 via your own application)

Excel files for channel 9 - SINE WAVE

Master-9 Last Upgrades

First, create a new folder on your PC, and name it Master-9.
Save the following free downloads in this folder:

Master-9 USB Driver

Do not connect the USB cable until step 3.

1. Download the Master-9 USB1 driver, save it in this Master-9 folder and extract it.
2. Turn on the Master-9.
3. Now connect the USB cable first to the Master-9 then to the PC.

The PC identifies the new device. If the PC requests a file, browse to the Master-9 folder.

Master-9 USB Driver

Master-9 Control

Download the Master9.exe file and save it as an Icon on your desktop (preferable).
This software is useful for the communication of Master-9 with your PC.

When you click this Icon you see all parameters of Master-9 on the PC screen. Using the mouse you can change all the parameters, trigger channels, set the internal connections between channels, save paradigm on your PC, download these paradigms, etc.

Another powerful feature of this software is the Scheduler. You can set a list of events that you want to happen at scheduled times like: triggering channels, switching paradigms, modifying time parameters, etc.

Master-9 Control

Master-9 SDK (Software Development Kit) NEW!

Now you can also program and control your experiment from within your own application or software (Labview, Matlab, VBScript, etc.), using our new Master-9 SDK. Using the Master-9 SDK you can easily access all instructions of Master-9 in real-time in your application or software. This way you can have real-time feedback to/from your preparation.

Master-9 SDK (Software Development Kit) - NEW!

Excel files for channel 9 – SINE WAVE

You can set an excel file with any custom waveform and download it to channel 9. You can deliver this waveform in all the operational modes: FREE-RUN, TRIG, TRAIN and TWIN.

The following folder is an example for a SINE waveform.
Please follow the instruction in the SINE.DOC file of this folder.

Excel files for channel 9 – SINE WAVE

Last Upgrades

Check the present version of your Master-9:
On the Touch Screen of the Master-9 press the VER key.
A new screen opens, displaying the current version number and calibration options.
In order to return to the main screen, press the NO key.
Upgrade your Master-9 to the hardware_10.05 and software_11.16 versions using the following steps:

Upgrade your Master-9:
Download the UPGRADES folder, save it in your Master-9 folder and extract it.
Open the READ-ME.docx file and follow the instructions.

Last Upgrades
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