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Downloads for Master-8

Free downloads of the following software are available:

Master-8 Control

This software is useful for the communication of Master-8-cp or Master-8-vp with your PC.
This software opens a new Icon named Master-8 on your desktop. When you click this Icon you see all parameters of Master-8 on the PC screen. Using the mouse you can change the time parameters, trigger channels, set the internal connections between channels, etc.
Master-8 Control software also offers a powerful scheduler feature, enabling you to set experimental parameters at scheduled times.


Master-8 SDK (Software Development Kit) NEW!

Now you can also program and control your experiment from within your own application or software (Labview, Matlab, VBScript, etc.), using our new Master-8 SDK. Using the Master-8 SDK you can easily access all instructions of Master-8 in real-time in your application or software. This way you can have real-time feedback to/from your preparation.
More about the Master-8 SDK


USB driver

This driver is necessary to connect your Master-8 to the computer.

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