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Master-8 SDK

Master-8 SDK - Software Development Kit

Until now the Master-8 could be programmed to run your experiment in 2 ways:
1. As a stand alone unit - via its front panel keys.
2. Via your PC - using our Master-8 Control Software.

Now also it is possible to program the Master-8 in a third way:
3. Program and control your experiment from within your own application or software (Labview, Matlab, VBScript, etc.) - using the new Master-8 SDK.

Question: How will my application recognize the Master-8 and its instructions?

Answer: 15 years ago Microsoft developed a new standard named COM (Component Object Model). Most applications and softwares conform to this standard and are ready to add a 3rd party (e.g. Master-8) to their instruction library. Our new Master-8 SDK includes a dll (dynamic link library) file which conforms to the COM standard. Once you add this file to your application, you can easily access all of the Master-8 instructions on-line in your application or software.

Question: What can I do now with the Master-8 SDK that I could not do before?

Answer 1: Now you have real time feedback. For example - if you stimulate your preparation by Master-8, and your acquisition software finds that the results are too high, it can instruct Master-8 (with a single instruction) to lower the stimulus frequency.

Answer 2: Now you can easily perform experiments of types that you could not previously perform. For example - You can set a Master-8 channel to deliver trains of pulses, and write a small loop (e.g. in VBScript) to change the stimulus frequency every specific/variable numbers of trains.


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