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Master-8 and Master-9

The stimulators for neurophysiology research


5 Year Warranty!

You can easily determine that Master-8 and Master-9 

are the best stimulators available:

Search the web (GOOGLE SCHOLAR) for the words: AMPI + (Master-8 OR Master-9) and see that Master-8 or Master-9 are being used by more than 3500 scientists and referred to in their published articles.



Waveforms: Excel files – Deliver waveforms that you set in Excel files.

Waveforms: Recording –  Record input waveforms (action potential, sine wave, etc.) and deliver them.

Master-8 and Master-9 are designed to meet a broad range of neurophysiological stimulation requirements. 

Master-8 and Master-9 are designed to control optogenetic stimulations.

  • Wide time range — pulse duration: 4 μsec to 3,999 sec. resolution 1 μsec.

  • 9 independent channels

  • Front panel touch screen

  • Repetitive, Single, Twin and Train outputs

  • Deliver waveforms that you set in Excel files

  • Record waveforms, and deliver recorded waveforms

  • Switching between independent experiments

  • A stand-alone stimulator that can also be programmed via a PC

  • Firmware upgrades via the USB interface

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