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You can easily determine that
Master-8 is the best stimulator available:
Search the web (GOOGLE SCHOLAR) for the words: AMPI + Master-8 and see that Master-8 is being used by more than 1600 scientists and referred to in their published articles.

Record input patterns (such as action potential, sine wave, etc.) and deliver recorded patterns

This recorded pattern can now be delivered in all the modes of operation: FREE-RUN, TRIG, TRAIN, and TWIN modes.

  • 9 independent channels
  • Front panel touch screen

  • Repetitive, Single, Twin and Train outputs
  • Record patterns, and deliver recorded patterns
  • Switching between independent experiments
  • A stand-alone stimulator that can also be programmed via a PC
  • Firmware upgrades via the USB interface

    A.M.P.I. is the manufacturer of Master-8 -
    the 8-channel programmable pulse generator.

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    neuro-physiological stimulator, Master-8 generator,
    Research multi pulse stimulator, pulse timer.

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